Are You Ready To Future Proof Your Real Estate Business?

It's Time To Invest In Your Online Lead Generating. 


Why Do I Need To Learn How To Generate Online Leads?

Here are 3 Good Reasons.

More Leads = More Freedom

Ongoing lead generating empowers you with the freedom to CHOOSE who you work with. The days of "taking what I can get" are over.  

Say Goodbye To Door Knocking & Cold Calling

No more "turning over rocks" to find your next deal. Turn the tables instead and have people coming to YOU.

Digital Is No Longer Optional

Digital marketing skills are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity to stay relevant in today's "online everything" world. It's time to invest in your knowledge.

Introducing The Future Proof Agent Online Course.

Online Lead Generating and Converting For Real Estate Professionals.

Stop Hunting. Start Attracting.


✅ Over 10 Hours of Training Content


✅ 81 Step-by-Step "How To" Tutorial Videos


✅ Watch Anytime, Anywhere ("On Demand")


✅ Unlimited Lifetime Access


✅ Full Online Support

Course Breakdown


 The Fundamentals


✅ The Birds Eye View / Mapping It All Out

✅ Breaking Down The Critical Steps

✅ Budgeting and How To Protect Your Spending

✅ Facebook Ads Versus Google Ads (The Two Essential Platforms And Their Pros & Cons)


VALUE: $97


Landing Page


✅ CRITICAL Things To Have On Your Website/Landing Page To Capture Leads

✅ Biggest Mistake Agents Make With Their Website (And How To Avoid It)

✅ Landing Page Examples (Specific Listings, Neighbourhoods, Type of Property, Pre-Construction)

✅ How to Create A Landing Page (Promoting a Listing, Neighbourhood, Type of Property, Pre-Construction)

✅ How to Connect Your Landing Page to Your Database (CRM)


VALUE: $197


Facebook Ads


✅ How To Create A Business Page

✅ The Power of Sponsored Ads and Why You SHOULDN’T Boost a Post

✅ How To Target Your Audience (Finding Your Ideal Client)

✅ Where To Show Your Ads To Get The Best Results

✅ How To Budget To Get The Best ROI

✅ How to Create A Facebook Ad (Photo, Video, Carousel, Lead Form..)

✅ How To Promote A Listing, Neighbourhood, Pre-Construction Project

✅ How To Create A Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience (and Let The Facebook Algorithm Work For You To EXPONENTIALLY Increase Your Leads)

✅ How To Retarget People To Increase Your Brand Awareness and Drive People Back to Your Site

✅ How To Sync Leads With Your Database / CRM

✅ How To Measure Your Performance (Understanding Your Numbers)


VALUE: $997


Google Ads


✅ How To Create Your Account

✅ How To See What Real Estate Phrases People Are GOOGLING With Keywords and Beat a Path To Your Door

✅ How To Write Effective Ads That Convert

✅ How To Test Your Positioning On Google

✅ How To Get To The 1st Page of Google Search

✅ How To Control Lead QUALITY versus QUANTITY (Keyword Match Types)

✅ How To Measure Your Results (Understanding The Numbers)

✅ How To Budget To Get The Best ROI


VALUE: $997


Email Marketing and Automation 


✅ How To Write Conversational Emails That Turn Cold Leads Into Warm Leads

✅ How To Write Effective Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

✅ How to Build A "Drip" Email Campaign That Goes Out Automatically For MONTHS After Someone Signs Up On Your Site To Stay Top Of Mind

✅ How To Send Video Emails and Build a Video Email Automation Campaign


VALUE: $297

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Student Results

Naveen Varghese, Keller Williams Realty


Michael Poirier, Keller Williams


Michael Samrah, RE/MAX


David Johanns, Keller Williams


Full Online Support.

✅ Access To The Private "Members Only" Facebook Mastermind and Support Group

✅ Become Part Of Our Exclusive Future Proof Agent Community

✅ Post Your Questions And Get Them Answered

✅ Monthly Q & A Livestream Group Coaching (Hosted By Me Personally) To Help You With Your Campaigns.

✅ Share Success, Network and Collaborate With Other Future Proof Agents 


Value: $997


Take a Tour Inside the Private Facebook Mastermind and Support Group

Experience It Here.


I'm Even Including 2 FREE BONUSES!


My Own Personal Email Marketing "Drip" Campaign

Instantly Plug This "Conversational" Email Campaign Into Your Database to Start Automating Your Follow Up, Stay Top of Mind and Create Instant Leverage in Your Business. 

27 Pre-Written "Ice Breaker" Emails. 

Value: $197


Going Paperless With The iPad Mini Course

Learn How to Use Powerful Apps to Turn Your Business Completely Paperless and WOW Your Clients! Say Goodbye to Printing and Scanning.

I Walk You Through How To Use: Open Home Pro, DocuSign, PDF Expert and Google Slides. 

(4 Videos | 1.5 Hours of Training Content)

Value: $397

Summary Of Everything You Get:


✅ The Fundamentals ($97 Value)
✅ Landing Page ($197 Value)
✅ Facebook Ads ($997 Value)
✅ Google Ads ($997 Value)
✅ Email Marketing & Automation ($297 Value)
✅ Access to Private "Members Only" Facebook Mastermind & Support Group ($997 Value)
✅ FREE Bonus #1: My Own Personal Email "Drip" Campaign ($197 Value)
✅ FREE Bonus #2 Going Paperless With the iPad Mini Course ($397 Value)


Total Value: $4,176 

Get Started Now For Just One Single Payment Of 



Ready To Get Started?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It's an online, video based course. The videos are instructional, step-by-step style. I've recorded my computer screen and walk (and talk!) you through everything.

You'll get your own personal login information (username and password) and you simply sign in to access the videos whenever you want. As soon as you invest in the course, all of the material will immediately be available. You can learn from your computer, tablet or even smartphone on the go! 

No. The course is "on demand" meaning you can learn at whatever pace is comfortable for you and at the convenience of your schedule. 

You get Lifetime Access! That means that if the course hosting platform ever changes, the videos will be made downloadable. 

Yes! The course is designed to benefit both "tech newbie" and "tech savvy" real estate agents. The content is laid out in a very logical step-by-step format - starting from scratch. I walk you through the basics all the way to advanced strategies. Work your way forward at whatever pace is comfortable for you. And since you can pause and rewind, you can take your time to really absorb the content. 

Yes! You get access to a private "members only" Facebook support group. I also personally host a Livestream Q & A group coaching session inside the Facebook group every month where you can get your questions answered and mastermind in a fun, collaborative group environment! Email support is also available. Just email us at [email protected]. There is no phone support because online marketing is visual.

I recommend an advertising budget of $5 - $10 per day when you're getting started. Only re-invest more once you start seeing results. The other monthly cost is a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and Website. These costs vary depending on the software you use.

Just like learning anything new, the time it takes to get results varies. It all depends on how much of a commitment you're willing to make to learn the material and apply your knowledge. I regularly get leads within 24 hours of going live for new campaigns and many of my students have achieved results in a few weeks (with no prior digital marketing experience). The training walks you through EXACTLY how to get optimal results.

Yes. We offer a 30 day refund period (with no strings attached). Try it out for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied or feel it's not for you, just let us know and you'll get a full refund. It's as simple as that.

Absolutely. You don’t necessarily have to be the one "in the trenches" doing all the learning and applying. Once your assistant learns it, you can get the "coles notes" so that you just understand the fundamentals and core concepts.

Yes. No real estate experience is required to learn digital marketing and start generating online leads. Our training is extremely "hands on" and simply about following instructions and applying what you learn.

I've been a multiple award winning real estate agent since 2007 and extensively involved in digital marketing and online lead generating since 2014. I have personally generated over 4,000 online real estate leads and turned those leads into over $375,000 in commission. I have been teaching real estate agents how to generate online leads since 2017. You can learn more about my professional experience here

We do not currently offer a payment plan. Luckily Visa and Mastercard do  🙂

Yes. This program is up to date to this current second and everything you will learn will work in this current marketplace. I also ruthlessly update all the content the second it becomes irrelevant so that it's always up to date and working - and you get access to these updates for life - all included in your purchase. 

Yep! I've done many of these courses too! The truth is that most courses don't deliver and here's why: Most courses contain information but no clear course of action so that you can actually do something and get results. The Future Proof Agent program is different because it teaches the principle lesson, then it provides examples to cement the idea in your brain. Then it give you the step by step implementation plan so that you can actually implement what you've learned in the real world and get results. Most courses contain theory and don't come from real life experience. This program comes from my own life experience of generating over 4,000 online real estate leads and turning those leads into over $375,000 in commission. I take everything I've learned from being on the front lines of this every day myself. I was a real estate agent before making this course and I still am a real estate agents this very day. This course is based on real life and the methods taught work in this current marketplace at this current minute. No theory, just step by step action items to start generating online real estate leads, get clients and make money. 

The Future Proof Agent program is an online course which means the training is all created by me, recorded by me and all my own work. It's my best work too. So when you enroll in this program you really are learning directly from me and you're learning my absolute best stuff, I hold nothing back. You get access to the online course, the Facebook community and the monthly Q&A livestream and recordings (led by me). I am in the Facebook group every single day and I read peoples posts, reply to them and provide feedback. You do not get any 1-on-1 access or personal time with me included in this program. My personal 1-on-1 consulting fee is $500 CAD/hour and there is a minimum of 3 hours paid up front before we speak at all. This means you must pay $1,500 up front before we even get on the phone. The Future Proof Agent program is over 10 hours of my very best stuff and to be honest with you it's delivered in a clearer way than i could deliver it 1-on-1 to you myself. It's literally like hiring me to come to your office or home and consult you 1-on-1 for 10 hours walking you through every detail from start to finish. The experience is the same as hiring me to do this myself but at a fraction of the price. 

30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE. No Strings Attached.

Try it out for 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied or feel it's not for you, just let us know and you'll get a full refund. It's as simple as that.


Sneak Preview #1

The Digital Marketing "Funnel" Example #1 (Video #9 | Module #2)


Sneak Preview #2

Google Adwords - Why Keywords Are the Most Critical Part of Your Campaign (Video #59 | Module #5)


"I had to contact Jason and ask him how to turn it off because I couldn't keep up with the amount of people that were putting their hands up and saying hey Ted, help me I want to buy real estate, I'm interested in what you have to offer."

Ted Neal
Sales Representative, Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty

"Future Proof Agent gives you a step by step approach to learn and implement the amazing power of online marketing and lead capture. No need to pay marketing companies thousands of dollars. Just watch the tutorials and learn how to do it all yourself. Also, fantastic customer service from Jason and the team at Future Proof Agent!"

Frank Perna
Sales Representative, RE/MAX West Realty

"Finding a knowledgeable instructor familiar with the idiosyncrasies of our business is a major task. Personally, I've invested in several Facebook courses for real estate. While some of them were useful, none of them offered a 'soup to nuts' solution to what I needed. That is until I ran across Jason Weinberger's course. Jason knows his subject and is able to present it in a simple to understand form. I have no hesitation recommending this course to any Realtor wanting to build a steady pipeline of good leads and prospects."

John Carr
Broker, Royal LePage Johnston & Daniel

"Following all the steps that Jason provided, my search appears at the top of Google, which is absolutely incredible because I had no idea how to do that. I'm already getting contacts into my database."

David Johanns
Sales Representative, Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty

Summary Of Everything You Get:

✅ The Fundamentals ($97 Value)
✅ Landing Page ($197 Value)
✅ Facebook Ads ($997 Value)
✅ Google Ads ($997 Value)
✅ Email Marketing & Automation ($297 Value)
✅ Access to Private "Members Only" Facebook Mastermind & Support Group ($997 Value)
✅ FREE Bonus #1: My Own Personal Email "Drip" Campaign ($197 Value)
✅ FREE Bonus #2: Going Paperless With the iPad Mini Course ($397 Value)


Total Value: $4,176 

Get Started Now For Just One Single Payment Of 


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